Take the limits off of your life.

You can build an influential business with direct sales, I’ll show you how!

Ready to take control of your income

Hi, I’m Lisa! I meet women every day who want to make more money for their family. Yet, they aren’t ready to give up precious time with their kids to go back to work full-time. The tension leaves them anxious and unsettled. Your options feel limited. I know the feeling! That’s why I love direct sales. Twenty years ago, direct sales changed my life and it can do the same for you. Let me show you how!

You deserve to live your life without limits

Make a additional income for your family.

I'll give you the tools I used to become a top earner.

Lead an authentic, influential business.

Connect customers and distributors to products you love.

Coach other women toward success!

You can help other women take the limits off of her life too!

“I’ve thought of direct sales before, but what if I fail?”

Or, maybe you’ve tried direct sales before and you didn’t earn enough.
Here’s what I know: if you are coachable, willing to work, and have the desire to
work, you can build a successful business with direct sales.
I want to show you how!

Direct Selling accounts for a large majority of all successful women entreprenuers.


Let's talk about your goals

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I'll help you establish your direct sales business.

I'll show you how to build a business you love and start living life without limits.


Have the tools to become successful!

What I've learned as a veteran in the industry with over 20 years of experience will work for you too!

Transform Your Mindset to Grow Your Direct Selling Business

When I started with a direct sales company, I just wanted to make a little shoe money. But, the minute I made my first check, I realized the potential opportunity and that I could live a life without limits. Download my free guide to transform your mindset so you can discover your potential!

Do you want the freedom to change your future?

You want to wake up every morning and decide how much money you’re going to make that day—and have the tools to go for it! Isn’t it time to reclaim your life and your future? You can do this! You can live a life without limits on your life. And, I want to help you get there! Click the schedule a call button so we can start taking the limits off of your life!

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