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Modere offers a wide-range of natural and safe home-care products. Live Clean Lisa discusses some of the many benefits using these products in your home. There are numerous harmful chemical or toxins you may not know are in your house, but with Modere home care products that’s not the case!

Why Use Modere's Home-Care Products?

In today’s busy world, we are faced with products that are harmful to our bodies and our environment! When I became increasingly aware of more and more of my friends getting diagnosed with serious conditions, I began searching for healthier options.

Healthy Living


When you are diagnosed with cancer, the doctor will first take a look at your diet and environment, and help you remove all of the toxins you are exposed to. If we were smart, we would give ourselves and our loved ones the best advantage and do this BEFORE we get sick!  And that is the Modere Mission: clean up 10,000,000 homes by the year 2020! I can really get behind a great product, but I will jump through hoops to help a good cause!

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At Live Clean Lisa, you can browse and explore Modere’s home-care products. Modere products that we have available range from cleaning supplies to laundry to wellness and skincare….we basically cover the everyday items you use in your home already!!  We offer a cleaner, safer, and affordable alternative!

How Clean are you Living?