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Live Clean Lisa is dedicated to promoting healthy living. Here, they discuss Modere’s great line of safe, effective, and chemical-free household products.

Clean Up Your Home & Environment

With Modere's Safe & Affordable Products

Prior to finding Modere, I used to go to many different stores just to find all the different products that I wanted to use in my home. I would go to the grocery store for some, Walmart for others, and the health food store for the other ones, so I was spending a lot of time trying to gather the products that I wanted to get for my family.

Healthy Living

Now with the Modere shopping experience, I shop online which allows me to find everything in one place, including safe, innovative personal care products, third-party certified biodegradable and gray water safe home care products, and anti-aging skin care systems with award-winning ingredients. I know and I have learned for a fact through my family and friends that if you can make it easy on yourself and find the right products, you will stick with them and that’s what I’m seeing here at Modere!  Our customers are falling in love with their healthy clean products and the idea that it’s a global movement to help others clean up their homes! I’m committed to you and your family’s health, which is why I offer you a warm welcome to the world of Modere!


Modere’s product line consists of over 100 items for your home, such as kitchen wipes, laundry detergent, fabric softener, dishwasher tablets and delicious room sprays. Our wellness section includes vitamins, minerals, and supplements, and our beauty line has everything you would ever want for your skin and your body, including products for showering, two lotions, beautiful facial masks, and specialty items: our liquid collagen line called liquid Biocell and our M3 weight-loss system.

How Clean are you Living?