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Modere offers a wide-range of body care products, including body wash, shampoo, lotion, anti-aging creams, liquid collagen, and more. Like all their products, each of their body care products is ethically-sourced, chemical-free, and not tested on animals. Here, you can learn more about one of their most popular body care products, liquid collagen.

10 Benefits


1. Provides joint comfort and mobility
2. Helps renew cartilage
3. Provides skin, joint and ligament health via nutritional support of connective tissues
4. Clinically shown to increase skin collagen, reduce facial fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce skin dryness
5. Patented composition optimized for high absorption
6. Boosts metabolism
7. Strengthens hair and nails
8. Promotes gut health
9. Helps detoxify
10. Promotes hair growth

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Liquid Collagen FAQ

Liquid Collagen in exclusive formula. Not just any liquid collagen.

This body care product is the exclusive, clinically researched, multi-patented nutraceutical ingredient that helps the body maintain healthy connective tissues, flexible joints, and youthful looking skin. Medical professionals and nutritionists are calling it a new generation of “super ingredients”. It is made from a single natural source and utilizes a patented Bio-Optimized process, which ensures rapid absorption. Numerous clinical studies support its safety, bioavailability, and effectiveness. It is 100% natural.*

The discovery of liquid collage is the result of research that was being done on an ingredient called hyaluronic acid or HA, which was thought to be associated with longer life spans. The medical community, including Harvard University researchers did everything possible to make ingestible and injectables based upon the science. The issue they had was that the natural state of HA was too large for the body to absorb. That’s where we stepped in. We had discovered a unique natural source of HA, and that coexisted with collagen and chondroitin sulfate, as it does in the human body. We tested and developed this raw material into something that when you ingest it, it would actually reach your tissues. This was a complete breakthrough in the industry. We were awarded 7 US and international patents.

Our liquid collagen composition mirrors human joint cartilage. Independent laboratory analysis shows that it contains hydrolyzed type II collagen (60%), chondroitin sulfate (20%), hyaluronic acid (10%) and other proteoglycans. Collagen is the most abundant protein found in joint cartilage and the dermis of the skin. It provides the structural framework of your connective tissues to keep your skin firm and resilient and your joints active and fluid. Chondroitin sulfate is a naturally occurring element of joint cartilage that gives it amazing shock absorbing properties. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a molecule that helps provide hydration for your skin, lubrication for your joints, and is the gel-like substance that holds your cells together.*

Everyone can benefit from taking it. Diet, age, stress, digestive system, and physical activity (sports that impact joints), all affect our ability to provide the body with the nutritional raw materials it requires to properly support joint and connective tissue health. This is for adults wanting to remain healthy and active throughout their life.*

No, glucosamine offers only a partial approach to joint health; while it is a multi-dimensional ingredient that offers a more complete approach to joint and skin health. It provides collagen type II (the most abundant protein in cartilage), hyaluronic acid (a major component of joint lubrication fluid) and chondroitin sulfate (a shock absorbing molecule), in a patented form that the body can actually absorb. If we consume only single elements involved in the complex process of keeping our joints and other connective tissue healthy, we can only expect partial effectiveness. Our liquid collagen formula provides broader nutritional support with comprehensive clinical data; plus, additional human studies demonstrated that the liquid collagen formula also helps maintain healthy skin, while glucosamine has not.*

Yes, our liquid collagen has been safely and successfully used by millions of consumers since its introduction. It was affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by an independent expert’s safety panel following rigorous scientific reviews, not only in safety and toxicology data, but on Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) for food. Numerous clinical studies support its safety, bioavailability and effectiveness. It has been granted US and international patents for being unique and highly useful.

Liquid supplements are more bioavailable for immediate action, maximum benefit and fast results. A liquid is already dissolved, ready to be absorbed for physiological use and is enhanced by absorption in the mouth vs. pills, capsules and powders, which are unlikely to be absorbed at all until they reach the intestine.

Our exclusive formula is manufactured in Anaheim, CA in our cGMP compliant (21 CFR Part 111) facility that is certified by both the NPA (Natural Products Association) and NSF. Our products meet the most stringent criteria of cGMP compliance in manufacturing practices. Our manufacturing facility also holds a Drug Manufacturing License issued by the State of California Food and Drug Branch and is registered as a Drug Establishment with the FDA.

Yes. Our Pet formula is specially formulated to support joint structure, function, and flexibility, as well as promote healthy skin, overall health, and well-being.*

No. Our products are only available through Modere International and their network of independent representatives.

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