About Live Clean Lisa

Live Clean Lisa is dedicated to promoting healthy living. We partner exclusively with Modere, a health and wellness company that offers a wide variety of chemical-free, ethically-sourced products. Here, you can learn more about our passionate founder and our effective products. Read below to learn more about our passionate founder and the products we carry! 

Meet Lisa

Lisa Cox is the CEO of  Live Clean Lisa and is well known throughout the home-based direct sales and wellness industry for her experience, knowledge and passion for improving the lives of others.
Married for 30 years, she has raised two beautiful and successful daughters in the industry, setting the example that you can set and reach huge personal and professional goals and still a present and engaged parent and spouse. 
Lisa was introduced to the direct sales industry and started selling products she loved in 1996, then made it her full time career in 2000.  She’s had great success in the industry and is a student and advocate for health, fitness and clean living. She specializes in helping others build teams grow themselves, while earning an income from their homes and phones. 
Lisa was featured in the book Miracle Morning for Network Marketers by Hal Elrond, she is a popular stage speaker and a success trainer.  Her top goal is to lead by example in maintaining balance in her own life, while helping others be the “entrepreneur of their whole lives”.

Why I Choose Modere

I have always cared about what I put in and on my body, and I knew that there must be a company out there that I could align myself with that was promoting this healthy lifestyle. My research has led me to a company with 30 years of expertise in supplying chemical-free products, providing clean and safe ways to enhance and improve your home and your body. The company is called MODERE.

For over three decades, they have developed products that you and I use every day. They have a catalog containing over one hundred chemical-free items, all at very affordable prices, similar to what you pay at a grocery store. I have toured the company headquarters in Utah, met the scientists and product developers, tried the products, and have been SO impressed with their work and mission! On January 2, 2017, I walked away from a very successful career to work with MODERE, and now represent them and their fine products! At Live Clean Lisa, you can explore their products and learn more about their uses. 

From top to bottom, Modere seeks to create products that are ethically-sourced, zero animal tested, and packaged in environmentally-friendly, recyclable, and BPA-free packaging. All of their products are safe and non-toxic and do not contain parabens, PEGS, SLS, or other controversial chemicals. And the products WORK!!

Their unique approach to Social Retail is the “Uber” concept of shopping that is revolutionary in its simplicity – ordering your everyday needs, as soon as you need them, with fast delivery at fair prices, delivered to your door. Again, these are products that we all need and use, but with a chemical-free, healthy twist.

Products at Live Clean Lisa

At Live Clean Lisa, Modere’s product line includes Personal Care items, Wellness items, and Home care products. Our HOT item right now is the M3 Weightless program, which is the perfect complement following a festive Holiday Season! The results are AMAZING!!! Here’s to new adventures, a healthy life, living and eating clean, and a prosperous New Year!! Message me to earn a $10 gift card and learn how to access this beautiful brand of online shopping. To schedule a time to play with the products, please give me a call!

Modere has seen incredible growth rates in recent years, and continues to set new benchmarks.  The percentage of sales generated from true consumers is unprecedented at more that 70%.

How Clean are you Living?